Why Maria del Camino Matters …

MdC ties together a remarkable range of diverse if not contradictory interests in a poetic and compelling way.

1. Consider the various sub-cultures around our love affair with the car: the pleasurable Sunday drive, road trips, drive-thru everything, new car fashion, luxury cars, nostalgia for vintage cars, classic cars, exotic cars, hot rods, muscle cars, rat rods, drag racing, motorsports, monster trucks, donk, low riders, etc. On the other hand, there are persistent reminders for the need to change our ways, as these machines inevitably become relics of the past.

2. Consider automotive styling, speed, seduction and power. The elegant lines of the ‘59 El Camino belie its functionality as truck. Petroleum fueled stereotypes of the 1950’s continue to be reinforced; yet the themes are also mixed up with this car. With MdC, Her body is audaciously cantilevered out over the crawler tracks of a construction vehicle, an absurd juxtaposition, capable of moving only 3mph. The crawler tracks are just as easily identified with military vehicles- tanks.

3. Consider military and construction sensibilities as tactically aligned. Much of the technology we take for granted is of military origin, especially advanced technology. This technology transfer takes place across most fields and disciplines. For example, the construction industry is now using robotic and GPS control, a technology once reserved for weaponry, for the clean-up effort in Japan.

4. Consider our belief in the robotics and technology of science fiction spanning over a century; more often than not, portrayed as an eminent threat to humanity, yet with a seductive promise for the future, as with the False Maria of the film Metropolis. She is conflated with the hulking car, already a rust-bucket, as a tattoo of so many holes continuing to dissolve the metal body with the emergence of her filmic image once standing upright.

5. Consider the gymnastics of MdC, a heroic act of engineering, upending what was a 4,900 lb two-seater truck/car, now gutted, able to carry eight people, and capable of dumping everyone out to the ground to become a sculpture or totem. A machine not be trusted.

6. Once Her duty as a source of transportation is shed, consider MdC as a robotic tool or implement capable of modifying the earth, directed remotely or autonomously via algorithm. She may be deployed to perform and draw gloriously upon the earth at a scale seen in the works of Michael Heizer, Dennis Oppenheim, Walter De Maria, and Robert Smithson.

7. She may be deployed as a fundamental act of architecture at a site. Combating the oppression of humans and the earth from architecture, She can provoke new ways to think of how we utilize available resources.

8. Consider the process of Her making, and how many people have joined in this process, outside of institutional support. She is a testament to community based endeavors and the power of friends. Consider how much has been accomplished in a year and imagine what can be done in another…

9. Because we need more heroines.

stoned in space. zeus. christ. it has always been rock and so it is and so it shall be. within the context of neo rock we must open up our eyes and seize and rend the veil of smoke which man calls order. pollution is a necessary result of the inability of man to reform and transform waste. 
the transformation of waste
the transformation of waste
the transformation of waste
the transformation of waste is perhaps the oldest pre-occupation of man. man being the chosen alloy, he must be reconnected—via shit, at all cost. inherent with(in) us is the dream of the task of the alchemist to create from the clay of man. and to re-create from excretion of man pure and then soft and then solid gold. 

excerpt from 25th Floor- Patti Smith